Fully free financial chatbot

Didier Rodrigues Lopes
2 min readMay 9, 2023

The OpenBB Bot is a financial chatbot that allows you to access financial data from Discord or Telegram along with other users. From equity data to crypto, options, darkpool, economy and much more!

We know the market conditions haven’t been great for anyone, particularly for investors. Instead of raising prices like trends, we have decided to offer our OpenBB Bot individuals tier for free if you are a registered user.

While others zig, we zag. Here’s the updated pricing:


Registered users for OpenBB Bot will see the following changes :

  • Users were limited to 100 options or dark pools commands per month. This limitation is completely removed.
  • Users will no longer experience a 10s cooldown which means they can request investment research data sequentially and avoid breaking the conversation due to a delay imposed by the product
  • Through our soon-to-be-announced new platform, you will be able to fully customize your charting style with up to 5 in chart technical indicators and 2 off charts. This is a big improvement over the 1 in chart and 1 off chart previously available.
  • The number of custom alerts that the user can set for when certain threshold values are triggered has…