Gamestonk Terminal — Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop

Didier Rodrigues Lopes
3 min readSep 16, 2021
Jupyter Lab Extensions

Hey all,

Do any of you know what Docker, Jupyter Lab integration, features website and new features have in common? Well this is what has been happening in Gamestonk Terminal World since last month, and MORE!

- This has been a highly requested feature from our more experienced dev users, as it allows you to run our code in a container, pull the image and then get going with a smooth installation process. You will also be able to run Jupyer Lab from our Docker container.

Jupyter Lab Integration:
- Jupyter is on course to take over the world (see here).
- Big investment banks like JP Morgan use Jupyter too, see this.
- Professionals in the industry such as Data Scientists, Data Analysts and Machine Learning engineers are familiar with the combo dockers+notebooks. Therefore, it makes our terminal an attractive Open-Source project to devote time to.
- Academia students and universities will be able to use terminal data through a notebook for their projects and coursework. We’re on track to be able to achieve something on this soon!

Hugo Website:
- This will not only simplify a contributor’s documentation process, but it will also let non-Gamestonkers now see the vast number of features we offer and yes, when you read “offer” this is actually an offer since the tool is completely free to use.

Main New features:
- New Dark Pool Shorts menu
- Refactored and improved Crypto menu!!!
- Dark Pool and Crypto report generation
- Excel Discounted Cash Flow created by a MBA student
- Big code refactoring to allow for contributors to easily get started with our codebase
- Contributing document (click here).

Tier 2 features:
- Sentiment Investor data features implemented by the SI team themselves
- Feature/fraud indicators implemented by a MBA student
- Multiple plotting for economy data for more insight extraction
- Screener presets to not miss out on promising tickers

Didier Rodrigues Lopes