How to learn 10x faster than average

Didier Rodrigues Lopes
3 min readOct 27, 2022

Everyone is a self learner. But people’s rhythm of self learning can be vastly different.

So here’s 6 steps on how you can master a skill 10x faster than the average person. 👇🏼

1. Have a good reason to learn this new skill.

What is the main fundamental reason why you want to learn this skill? If you don’t have a one sentence answer, you probably don’t need to learn it.

University teaches you hundreds of topics that you end up not being good at because you have no interest in it.

Avoid spending your precious time on developing a skill that you have no interest or purpose in. Avoid trends too for this reason.

2. Research and read about the best way to learn the basics.

This should take no longer than one afternoon. Avoid promoted content.

Usually, you’re able to find a course / book / video that is acclaimed by the community to be the best to get started with.

So we are looking for the equivalent of “Machine Learning from Andrew Ng” for the skill you want to master.

3. Consume the basics like your life depends on it.

This will be the foundation of all your subsequent learning in this new area. Put your phone away, and take notes.

Revisit those notes, and if necessary go back in time to understand the basics.

It took me above average time to finish Machine Learning from Andrew Ng.

However, since this, whenever I learn or even think about AI problems this is now easier because of that laid out work.

4. Test your knowledge with a real problem (aka get your hands dirty)

And no, I don’t mean do an exercise that you find online.

Define a problem that you can solve with the skills you acquired and work on it.

Don’t ask for the answer. Don’t Google for the solution, but Google for something that is a current impediment on your solution.