Sector and Industry Analysis — Gamestonk Terminal

Didier Rodrigues Lopes
4 min readDec 2, 2021

The end-to-end story of developing a new Sector and Industry Analysis for Gamestonk Terminal from scratch.

Sector and Industry Analysis figures from Gamestonk Terminal

On the 13th of October, Jeroen Bouma (a ALM advisor and python enthusiast) reached out in order to integrate his FinanceDatabase package into Gamestonk Terminal.

After having a call with Jeroen to bounce ideas, it was clear that our terminal needed such capability to be even more powerful (as if over 500 features already and counting didn’t already do the trick eheh). However, at the time I was too busy to work on the concept so I asked Jeroen if he could sketch something up on a jupyter notebook.

Within the following week, Jeroen sent a Jupyter notebook explaining the FinanceDatabase module and what we could have in a Sector and Industry analysis.

Screenshot from Jupyter notebook sent by Jeroen

In addition, he also mentioned his PassiveInvestor package, and ended up implementing it on his own in Gamestonk Terminal! This was a great addition, as it strengthened our ETF context and provided a slick Excel report for the Excel fans out there! See his LinkedIn post on the experience.

The Passive Investor report

Forward to last weekend (1.5 months later), I had a free Sunday afternoon so started working on the development of this menu. I started by thinking about what would make this menu more flexible and powerful.

These were my thoughts about what it needs:

  • Several filtering parameters as the number of companies in the database is pretty huge with 155.705 tickers, 16 sectors, 242 industries, 111 countries and 82 exchanges.
    These were the filters selected: Country, Sector, Industry, Market Cap…
Didier Rodrigues Lopes